Gravity Dubs vol.1
Prince Deadly

Cat no. OGR864

Title: Gravity Dubs vol.1
Artist: Prince Deadly
12" LP
Released: June 2024
Produced by: Neil Anderson

Side A
1. Zheng Shang-Chi
2. Straight Down The Valley
3. Velvet Revolution
4. Ride Like The Wind
5. The Louisville Lip
6. Gethin Wood

Side B
1. One-Eighty Dub
2. Dub Train
3. Throw The Dice And Take Your Shot
4. Moondubbin’
5. Pandora Rocks
6. Deadly Wins The Downhill World Cup

Neil Anderson: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Melodica
Michele Fortunato, The O’Gees: Horns
Dennis Alcapone, Dave Barker, Vernon Smith, Melbourne Douglas, Odaine Douglas: Vocals